Our Service


Strategic Media Planning

We always put clients' business goals first. Ktemedia has deep roots in the branding advertising industry, having helped 20+ companies achieve unprecedented awareness successes. As branding media specialists we understand the operating factors that drive awareness, develop preference and create action and apply the expertise to help different brands make detailed plans in awareness goals.


Effective Digital Solutions

We combine innovative ideas with cutting-edge technology to open a world full of possibilities for brands. Using effective online marketing tools, we bring brands closer to the right consumers in a right way. By partnering closely with Networks, SSPs and DSPs, we map out the most effective communication routes and delivery platforms to reach your marketing objectives.


Multidimensional Reports

Ktemedia continues to lead and help our clients to navigate in this new world of media engagement. Multidimensional Reports plays a critical role throughout our process. We provide our clients with a deep-dive reporting included a combination of more than 30 dimensions, which can help the clients to evaluate emerging opportunities and always explore new ways to develop and optimize the most meaningful connections with consumers.